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We are looking for new PhD students, Postdocs, and Master students to join the team (see openings) !

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Suman Mitra

Principal Investigator at OncoLille, Lille, France since 2019. Associated Guest Researcher at the Department of Medicine, Karolinska Institute, Sweden.

  • Ph.D from University of Aberdeen, UK, 2011
  • PostDoctoral fellow with Dr. Warren J. Leonard at NHLBI, NIH (2011-2016)

Silvia Gaggero

Postdoc, started Nov 2018

  • Silvia works on cytokine engineering, in particular, on the common gamma chain cytokine family and how changing the affinity for their receptors can be exploited to modulate the immune response in the context of tumor immunotherapy. Outside the lab, she likes spending time in the mountain, reading and listening to opera and classical music.

Tiziano Ingegnere

Postdoc, started Feb 2021

Adeline Cozzanni

Biological engineer, started Nov 2018

Malo Leprohon

Bioinformatics engineer, started Feb 2021

  • Malo works on biomarkers in CAR T cells therapy, in particular, on defining genomic, epigenetic and transcriptomic biomarkers between complete-responders and non-responders to CAR T cells therapy in Non-Hodgkin lymphoma patients. Outside the lab, he likes playing video games, reading and traveling.

Master and Bachelor Students



  • Associate. Prof. Salomon Manier (CHU de Lille)
  • Associate. Prof. Nicolas Duployex (CHU de Lille)
  • Prof. Franck Morschhauser (Prof. CHU de Lille)
  • Prof. Ibrahim Yakoub-Agha (Prof. CHU de Lille)
  • Prof. Karin Tarte (Director UMR U1236-MICMAC)


  • Associate. Prof. Ignacio Moraga (University of Dundee, UK)
  • Prof. Joseph Melenhorst (UPenn, USA)
  • Associate Prof Mattias Carlsten (Karolinska, USA)

Former visitors, BSc/ MSc students


Master students

Emma Skora, Spring 2021

Bachelor Students

Associated Members

Silvia Cerboni

Sr. research Scientist at AstraZeneca
Role: AstraZeneca Postdoc fellow